Whether you are sending out 50 calls or 5 million, Way2VoiceSMS only charges two cents per call.

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Reach millions of people in an instant with Way2VoiceSMS reliable and affordable penny robocalling service.


Way2VoiceSMS offers free stats of all calls sent out and will not charge you for any robocalls that are unsuccessful.

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Are you looking for a way to connect confidently with thousands of potential supporters without overextending your budget? Our mass calling system is a turnkey operation customized to bring you success using cloud based servers connected to multiple MSC.

Our goal is to create a connection between you and your target audience - to present you as the solution to its problem, the answer to its questions, and the hope for its future. You will develop a special relationship with the individuals you need to reach; allow us to help you craft and deliver the perfect message.

We use sophisticated voice broadcasting systems with crystal clear audio and carefully scripted messages that capture your audience’s attention and motivate it to support your cause. Predictive dialing techniques help maximize your dollars spent, reducing overhead and eliminating the need to hire extra staff or rent office space

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  • Way2VoiceSMS Announces Penny Robocalls Record and broadcast robocalls for two cents a piece.

  • Way2VoiceSMS.com Offers Affordable Voice Broadcasting Way2VoiceSMS allows everyone to use the power of voice broadcasting.