Our Services

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting services allow you to quickly and efficiently reach thousands of people at once with your message, reducing costs and increasing your campaigns productivity.

Automated Dialling

Our hosted call center allows us to completely automate the dialling process, your message can be delivered rapidly to hundreds and thousands of people worldwide at an affordable cost.


IVR in short Interactive Voice Response helps to automate the interaction with the telephone callers by providing them different menu options that could be used to.

Predictive Dialling

State of the art technology combined with highly sophisticated algorithms let us predict when an agent is about to come off of a call and instantly queue another so there is no dead time.

International Calling

We also provide international dialing at unbeatable rates, to allow you to continue your work in dozens of countries worldwide.

Political Campaign Robo Calls

Political campaigns can be handled from start to finish with our professional scripting services, call automation and targeted political polls and surveys.